Artistic & Luxury Architecture

Picasso Residence is a manifestation of an ideal image in pioneering a new architectural language. The name-sake development derived its inspiration from the famous Cubist artist ‘Pablo Picasso, hence the structurally contemporary facade design with various shapes.

Palatial Grand Lobby

Picasso Residence with lush of greenery surrounds the external building walls, striking the balance between hard and soft element.The 2 tower block ground floor offers a Palatial Grand Drop off to the main lobby, subsequently welcomed by the Double Volume foyer with serving facilities prior entering the semi private lift lobby. The Grand Lobby with full panel glass door make the overall design more gorgeous and spectacular

Luxury & Grand Living Ambience

Reaching the tower floors is specifically for private use housing with private facilities. The house owners is connected via the private lift lobby, segregated and protected with an integrated digital security and smart home system. 7-tier Security System with 24hours CCTV Surveillance

Perfection View & Design

Picasso the design idea for facilities floor mimic the feeling of Maldives, with the 2 towers growing from a pool of water. Taking into considerations of the wind orientation while avoiding the glare of the sun, the podium pool provides cooling effect to the tower as part of the passive design strategy of the building. An option with balcony is also provided in this design to celebrate the 3 tallest building in Malaysia, KLCC Twin Tower, Signature Tower, KL Tower view and coming soon with our KL 118 Tower which the 2nd tallest building in the world.



Security / Safety

Embassy / International Hub


Smart home system

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